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We are available to assist every step of the way. The FSARR resource page is full of content to help you prepare for the application, recorded trainings, PowerPoint presentations, and step by step review guide. Also, check out the FSARR/NARR standards training portal for free!

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Here you will be able to “claim your house” or set up your recovery residences which is linked to the national database hosted by the National Alliance for Recovery Residences. FSARR provides side by side support setting up your account.


Add each of the recovery residences within your organization. Upload all of the requested policy and procedures for FSARR documentation review. FSARR as supports available to review  your current policy and help with needed updates.


FSARR will review all of the submitted information and communicate any additional requests throughout the process. Don’t worry, we are here to help if anything should be out of compliance. This isn’t a pass or fail, we’re here to guide you.


Once all documents meet FSARR and NARR standards our team will schedule time to visit and audit each location. FSARR will provide feedback in a timely manner and when all corrections have been updated and verified your recovery residence will become certified. 

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